Road to Perdition

Anabolic steroids

Neither teenage years with eating disorders nor all the exercising with a regulated diet gave Sarah the perfect body she longed for. In her head, the body was an instrumental object that had to be processed and transformed. No matter how much time and effort she put into the gym, it was never good enough. In her desperation to succeed with the body project, she finally chose to try anabolic steroids as a last resort, to improve her physics.

The idea of starting steroids had played on her mind since she was 17 years old. When she turned 21 years old, she decided to put her thoughts into action. She was from an small town, and decided to travel by train into a larger city to meet an acquaintance in the fitness community. Se meet a rather reserved fellow, wearing a hoodie, who also sold narcotics in addition to steroids. He gave Sarah her first injection with the steroid called Deca Durablin. She didn’t dare to inject it herself .

Immediately after the injection, she felt relief and excitement, thinking that now it is in progress, now it is rolling and going. The seller assured her that it would work out fine. They chattered for a little while about steroids after the injection, and then Sarah went home.

However, the good feeling did not last long. Sarah got sick and extremely unwell the first night after the injection. Something went badly wrong, and she ended up on emergency room with extreme nausea and poor general condition. The doctor who worked that night was sympathetic and prescribed the drug Afipran against queasiness.

She was told to take it easy and not overexert. Maybe the steroid was contaminated, but it didn’t scare her though, the dream of the perfect body was stronger than ever. And then it was back to the grindstone. Only one week later, she bought new ampoules with the anabolic steroid Winstrol and injected it without being taught how to. On one occasion she drew up too much air into the syringe and almost kept fainting.

As time went by she got big bluish balls in her seat muscles. However, that did not stop her either. She continued and gained bigger and harder muscles, les fat, more visible veins, higher energy levels and significantly better self-esteem.

It was as if the testosterone-like substance Stanozolol had blown life into her. From being stuck in an eating disorder universe, characterized by a rigid and deadlock mind pattern, she suddenly felt all reved up.

She grew stoned on herself, and lived in a constant euphoria, with a cloudless sky every day. Socially she went from being introverted and reserved to outgoing and sociable.The immense feeling of well-being that the steroids provided made her life a dream. She was no longer anxious and insecure, but unafraid and self-assured.

Sarah became the exact opposite of how she was when she struggled with eating disorders.

To be continued…….

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